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All employees are: Required to turn in their time cards every Monday morning by 10 am otherwise the time card cannot be processed for payment that week. Required to handle their own time cards Prohibited from handling time cards of other employees Prohibited to make any changes or alterations to the time cards that are not pre-approved by designated supervisors Prohibited from working “off the clock” Required to sign their own time cards Required to acquire a signature from a manager that certifies each time card to the effect that the time card is accurate and completely reflects all time worked during the period in question and that no hours were worked that do not show up on the card. Required to keep a copy of their time card at all times Required to follow up with the property on their own regarding getting their time card signed Required to EMAIL a picture of their time card to: Required to follow up with A-List Apartment Staffing Office to confirm delivery of their timecard. Required to get all overtime hours approved by a property manager Required to take their breaks as determined by Texas Law. You are 100% responsible for completely filling out your timesheet, signing it yourself, and assuring that it was signed, sent and received in our office by 10 am on each Monday morning. If Timesheets are not received by this time, without any ongoing communication with A-List Apartment Staffing Office, you will not receive a check/direct deposit until the following pay period, no exceptions. We recommend that you take a picture of your timesheet once it has been signed before it is emailed and before you leave the assignment. Then ask the property to send it to us by email or text message, in your presence. If they are unable to send it at that moment, take a picture of your timesheet and email it or text it, otherwise, you run the risk of us not receiving it timely. Once you have given it to them, it is your responsibility/your job to make sure that we have received it in our office my Monday. Call us before then to make sure we have it; if we do not have it then it is your responsibility to make sure it’s signed by the property manager and yourself, sent to us and that we received it. You may do so by faxing, emailing or texting the signed and completed timesheet to us only. Do not send a timesheet that is not completely filled out. That means EVERY BOX is filled out; Hours calculated for each day, Regular Hours totaled at the bottom, overtime hours totaled at the bottom if any (ANY OVERTIME HOURS MUST BE APPROVED AN INITIALED OFF BY THE PROPERTY MANAGER, NO EXCEPTIONS!), Lunch hours must be recorded, and both you and the property manager’s signatures must be on the timesheet, and all the other items listed above, for it to be valid and processed. Otherwise, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE COMPLETED TIMESHEET. THEN YOU WILL BE PAID DURING THE FOLLOWING PAY PERIOD. Our Pay week runs from Monday-Sunday, and check and/or direct or electronic deposits will be issued on Thursdays. Checks may be picked up in our office at 8330 LBJ Freeway Suite 270 after 12:00 pm Thursday, and before 4:30 pm on Friday. We will not be able to call to remind you and the property manager. We cannot process a timesheet if it is not signed by the manager, so please make sure it is signed before sending it to us. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU CALL US TO MAKE SURE WE RECEIVED THE EMAIL AT Call to confirm we received it after you send it, at our office at 972-707-4400. We recommend that after you have it signed to take a picture of it, in the event that we don’t receive it you may text and/or email that picture to us.

Direct deposit

Call Dallas (972) 707-4400 - Arlington (817) 200-6284 once you have completed the form.

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